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Yellow gold Ring
€ 890.00

Yellow gold Ring

Item number: e03k081529 /
Barcode: 2050004229035
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Price: € 890.00

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Total weight of the item

  • Total weight of the item 2.84
    Price: € 890.00



Metal type: Κίτρινος χρυσός, Weight: 2.84 grams, Size: 19.5


Yellow gold Ring is an exclusive jewellery item from EPL Diamonds. This is the perfect gift for a loved one, an opportunity to demonstrate their social status and good taste. The item uses high clarity and transparency diamonds without any flaw. Κίτρινος χρυσός looks great on the hand and goes well with other jewellery. Assemble your own set in the EPL jewellery store! Item weight: 2.84 grams. We offer items manufactured in our factory at affordable prices: € 890.00 for a ring. The jewellery meets the applicable standards and has been tested in the Assay Chamber ( platemark). Jewellery items with diamonds are manufactured at our own factory. The items can be manufactured on custom orders. To easiest way to select the size is to measure the inner diameter of existing rings. For example, if such diameter is 15.5 mm, then you need a ring size of 15.5. In any case, you can ask for help from our consultants.


Quality assurance and the authenticity of diamond products are determined by the following factors:

  • Quality Assurance. All diamond jewelry is made at our jewelry factory.
  • Direct price guarantee. Own jewelry store network.
  • Safety guarantee. We are responsible for ensuring that the jewelry manufacturing process is free from defects.
  • Product Warranty. Two-year gemstone warranty.

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